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    Re-conditioning  and  Relaxation

    Massage for men




    Massage For Men

    Have you ever tried Men's therapist massage? 
    If you haven't, strongly recommended!! You will feel the differences from local massage. it's dinamic and strongnes gives you relax and release from exhaustion as well.


    SHAMBALLA  offers professional massage service in omotesandou (shibuya) area .


    SHAMBALLA MASSAGE TOKYO is the private salon in ordenary apartment without outside shop sign. 

    We will supply you 100% original hands  technique massage which combined Europian aroma treatment and asian SHIATSU.

  • MENU

    Aroma Body Massage

    Healing with aromatic essential oils removes toxins, eases stress and fatigue, and promotes deep sleep. Treatment is done on bare skin with oil.


    60min : 10,000yen

    90min : 13,000 yen

    120min : 16,000 yen

    LomiLomi Body Massage

    lomilomi massage hawaiian style healing.



    60min : 10,000yen

    90min : 13,000 yen

    120min : 16,000 yen

    Facial Treatment Massage

    Essential maintenance for healthy skin. Incorporates brief skin diagnosis, pore cleansing, facial massage, hand and arm massage, collagen masque for a revitalized and refreshed look.



    60min : 7,000yen



    ■Therapist : SUZUKI


    I provide a professional service with over 10 years

    of experience in male massage. 


    The salon only one massage bed, so available for one person at the same time.

    If you would like to make a reservation for two person, please stagger the start times of each person.



    ◆Hours 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
    ◆Access SHAMBALLA is located in OMOTESANDOU 5-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 
    ◆Subway The nearest station is OMOTESANDOU on the Subway. It takes 4 minutes.

    ◇The Salon is reservation only. Please make a reservation by email. We do not take phone for making orders because of avoiding double booking .
    ◇We will reply you within 24hours but unfourtunatly there are some exception because of the shedule.
    ◇please let us know one day advance if you wish to cancle the reservation.



    Please fill following information and send to us.
    :telephone number




  • MAP

    Location : Shamballa Massage Tokyo 

    Crest Jingumae 401(4th floor)
    5-46-29 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    ZIP: 150-0001









    The best way to Shamballa is:

    1. Get off at "Omotesando-station"  <Ginza Line / Chiyoda Line of Tokyo Metro Subway>

      Station No:

         G02 - Ginza Line
         C02 - Chiyoda Line

      Subway Map:

      Subway Information:

    2. Exit B2

    3. For a walk about 4min

     !!! Please see the attached PDF map !!!


     (1) Go straight (Route246 for Shibuya direction) [1min30sec]
     (2) Turn the right at the corner of Flower Shop (2nd floor: BLENDZ Coffee Shop)
     (3) Go straight [2min]
     (4) Trun the left at the corner of Parking/Bento shop [30sec]
     (5) The corner of the building is ours [brown one]